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SOYsolv Stick Lubricant


General purpose multi-metal lubricating stick that is 100% green formulation based around methyl esters and vegetable based triglycerides. No petroleum based or synthetic ingredients.

Product Specifications

  • VOC, US EPA 0%
  • Petroleum content 0%
  • Viscosity (cps 75º F) Solid
  • Appearance Black/Brown
  • Density Solid
  • Odor Pleasant
  • pH (1% DI) 9.5 – 10.0
  • Biodegradable Yes
  • Bio-renewable carbon content 100%
  • Flash Point None
  • Solubility at 25º C in water Soluble


  • Aluminum and Steels
  • Belts, Tooling, Wheels, Discs
  • General purpose short run use
  • Minimum Quantity Lubrication
  • Apply directly to tool
  • Will emulsify into coolant sump