Cornsolv News Release

Cornsolv News Release

SOYSolv, an Ohio manufacturer, has introduced CORNSolv, a revolutionary new cleaning product derived from corn starch. This biodegradable cleaning product is made from 100% corn ethyl lactate.

“This product dries faster than water, and leaves no solvent residue,” states Steve Smith of SOYSolv. “There are many times when production demands don’t allow time for a water rinse,” adds Smith, an ag-derived product specialist. “This corn derived cleaner dries clean, without polluting the environment,” he added. “It’s a whole different way to clean.”

CORNSolv is ideal for cleaning electrical components, computer boards, and circuitry. It is effective at removing grease, tar, lubricants, oils, paint, ink and many other common contaminants. It has a friendly odor and contains no ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants. It is readily biodegradable and can be rinsed with water.

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