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Tacksolv is a new unique, premium anti-tack solution for use in the Asphalt industry to provide premium anti-tack against equipment, dump beds, and wheels during application. Product is to be diluted 10:1 for optimum performance in water.

This product is ODOT Approved

Product Specifications

  • Cloud Point–NA
  • VOC–0%
  • pH–9-11
  • Density (20C)–9 lbs./gallon
  • Viscosity (cps 75f)–1500
  • Flash Point (C, closed cup)–>212 F
  • Appearance –Amber viscous liquid
  • Odor–Pleasant
  • Solubility at–25 C
  • In water–Complete
  • Water in–Complete


  • Asphalt Tack Coat
  • Solution for anti-tack
  • Apply directly to wheels
  • Safe on metals