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Bio-based asphalt and tar remover, specifically formulated from soybeans and other renewable resources.


DOT approved biodegradable asphalt release agent derived from renewable resources for use on truck beds and paving equipment.


Pricing Economical Pricing
Half the cost of citrus (D-Limonene) solvents

Evaporation Rate Slow Evaporation Rate
Leaves behind slick film providing releasing power and preventing future buildup
Environmental Environmentally Safe Solvent
100% Biodegradable, all natural formulation
Green Flame High Flash Point
Flash point >300F. Both citrus and diesel <130
Check EPA Compliant
Ships as non-regulated. Safe and easy to use

Muscles Highly Effective
Extensively lab and field tested to outperform diesel and last longer than citrus

SOYsolv AR

SoySolv AR is an industrial-strength bio-based asphalt and tar remover (drag slat cleaner) specifically formulated from soybean and other renewable resources. SoySolv AR replaces diesel and harsh solvents for asphalt and tar removal applications. It is certified by the CISDA as a 98% bio-based product, green verified by the US EPA, and listed on the EPA safer chemicals list. Through extensive research and field testing, SoySolv AR is proven more efficient and effective [hen diesel fuel or citrus-based solvents for dissolving asphalt.

Unlike diesel and citrus, SoySoIv AR leaves behind a slick film that provides unmatched releasing power and prevents asphalt from re-adhering to surfaces.

SoySolv' AR's high flash point makes it a highly effective drag slat cleaner that prevents asphalt building Lip and lubricates drat slat equipment. With regular application, SoySolv AR increases plant productivity as a preventative maintenance practice by eliminating downtime used to clean drag slat conveyor systems.

SDS Sheets Available Upon Request:

Best Applications:

  • Specifically Formulated for Asphalt and Tar Removal Applications
  • Used to Treat Drag Slats and Other Movable Equipment that Comes Into Contact with Hot Asphalt 
  • Used to Unclog and Maintain Liquid Asphalt Lines
  • Used to Clean Asphalt Laboratory Molds and Equipment

Technical Sheet

Usage and Key Benefits:

  • Leaves behind residual film provideing exceptiona; releasing power
  • Green Verified by the US EPA and Listed on the EPA Safer Chemical List
  • High Flash Point. Ships as Non-regulated
  • Replaces Diesel and Toxic Solvents Used for Asphalt and Tar Removal Applications
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Available in Jugs, Drums, Totes and Bulk

What People Are Saying About SoySolv AR

Five Star Rating
“Our paving and streets division crew won’t use anything else besides SoySolv AR. It’s a lot safer than citrus and works better than diesel!"
- Chris, Indiana, Customer since 2019
Five Star Rating
“We switched to SoySolv AR to maintain our drag slats a few years ago and our drags have never looked cleaner! Much cheaper than citrus or other bio-based products. A no brainer for our team!"
- Mike, Alabama, Customer since 2020
Five Star Rating
“Our maintenance division needed a low cost asphalt solvent to clean and maintain our fleet of paving equipment. SoySolv AR easily checked that box and performs great too!
- Chris, Indiana, Customer since 2019

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