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SoySolv AR Pro is a high-performance bio-based asphalt and tar remover, specifically formulated from renewable resources to replace diesel and citrus solvents. AR Pro is formulated with a proprietary surfactant package designed to penetrate, emulsify, and pull dissolved asphalt off surfaces.  Like all SoySolv products, AR Pro is 100% biodegradeable and safe to use.  

AR Pro is able to melt through hardened buid-up and provide superior rinseability.  Through extensive research and field testing, SoySolv AR Pro is proven to be more efficient and safer than diesel or citrusbased solvents for dissolving asphalt.

Technical Sheet


Pricing Economical Pricing
Half the cost of citrus (D-Limonene) solvents
Evaporation Rate Slow Evaporation Rate
Leaves behind slick film providing releasing
power and preventing future build up
Environmental Biodegradeable Formula
100% Biodegradeable, all natural formulation
Check Ideal for Clean up
Great cleaner for post-shift or pre-maintenance
clean-up activities
Check Advanced Cleaning Power
Emulsifies and melts through hardened build-up
Idea Advanced Formulation
Proprietary surfactant package provides superior rinseability and emulsification of build-up

Available In:

5 Gallon Jug

15 Gallon Drum

55 Gallon Drum

275 Gal Tote

330 Gal Tote

What Customers Are Saying About SoySolv AR Pro

Five Star Rating
"Switching to AR Pro was an easy switch for our crews.  My guys love how the product cuts through tough build-up and rinses clean.  Definitely recommend this product to replace diesel!"
- Mike, Kentucky, Customer since 2023
Five Star Rating
“Our crews have finally found a product that works – we’ve tested about every product out there, but none worked as well as AR Pro for our needs.  Great Product!"
- Jeff, Georgia, Customer since 2021
Five Star Rating
“Works better than diesel and lasts much longer.  Our crews were able to use significantly less product compared to diesel.  Much safer also."
- Dan, Ohio, Customer since 2020

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